Keys to keep yourself pure – by Surpresa Sithole


Screen shot from NRK Dagsrevyen on July 12th, 2016

I was blessed by these keys for 2016 by Surpresa Sithole:

1. Take your thought captive

2. Keep the right company

3. Remain Christ centred

4. Pray and praise God all the time

5. Submit yourself to godly leadership

6. Put on the full armour of God

7. Be filled with the Holy Spirit

8. Love

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John Alvheim´s 10 Commandments for those that are targeted by Barnevernet

John Alvheims 10 commandments heading

John Alvheim (1930-2005) was the Chairman of the Norwegian Parliament´s Social Committee in 1997-2005, and was undoubtedly regarded as the most trustworthy politician in our nation on social issues, across the party lines. He was particularly known for his defense of the elderly and his warnings against the abuses of Barnevernet. After his death, the new politicians of our nation have preferred to “forget” his warnings against Barnevernet, which became even more radical in ideology and methodology in 2012, thanks to decisions by Parliament. The present Minister of Children and Equality, Ms. Solveig Horne, is opposing everything Mr. John Alvheim stood for.

John Alvheim was a devout follower of Christ. I was privileged to work with him on several occasions on family issues.

Here are John Alvheim´s 10 Commandments for those that are targeted by Barnevernet, in my English translation:

  1. Shut up, everything you say will be used against you.
  2. Contact a lawyer immediately.
  3. Get a psychologist, even if you are healthy – you might need it.
  4. Don´t accept help, it will create the impression that you can´t take care of yourself.
  5. Don´t accept help from maternal homes. That is not a relief institution, but a surveillance center.
  6. Demand an explanation in writing for all decisions you are exposed to.
  7. Appeal against every decision.
  8. Don´t accept placement in foster homes. You won´t get the child back.
  9. Remember that when barnevernet talks about relief measures, then they normally refer to taking over parental care, or surveillance.
  10. If you need help, use friends or relatives – or manage yourself.

John Alvheim and Jan-Aage Torp speaking together at a public rally at Eidsvolls Plass, in front of Parliament.

Here are John Alvheims 10 commandments – barnevernet (downloadable) in my English translation, as well as in Norwegian (downloadable) John Alvheims 10 bud – barnevernet.


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Norwegian Psychologist Einar Salvesen tells the Grim Truth about Barnevernet

Skjermbilde 2016-07-27 kl. 08.29.18

Natasha and Erik’s twins were taken away by Norway’s child protection service as soon as they were born. Now the family are fugitives in Poland, in a case that’s appalled psychologist Einar Salvesen, who writes on SBS Australia´s webpage:

– There is no doubt this case highlights the very worst that can happen with Barnevernet and the limited recourse parents have within the Norwegian court system. But this case has also received widespread media coverage raising greater awareness within Norwegian society.

– It has shown how the system is broken and the many flaws that stem from the psychopathic culture lies within it. My question is, how can we can overhaul this system and create a dialogue so we can act in the best interests of both the child and the family?

Please read his article on SBS Australia here.

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Norway´s Shameful Dismantling of Families

Skjermbilde 2016-07-26 kl. 14.38.14Australian SBS TV´s probing documentary, “Norway´s Stolen Children?” has just been aired globally on their Dateline program. I have watched it with tears in my eyes and bleeding in my heart.

I have always known about the inherent flaws of the Norwegian Child Protection Services (CPS), “Barnevernet”, because of having to assist several families in my 33 years as a pastor. But since the gruesome atrocities against the Norwegian-Romanian Bodnariu family in November 2015, I have encountered several families that have shown how wide-spread these problems really are.

Skjermbilde 2016-07-26 kl. 14.39.07

Einar Salvesen

The Dateline documentary is extremely well researched and presented, making extensive use of the reknown children´s psychologist, Einar Salvesen, as well as credible legal sources.

Bottom line, the problem with Barnevernet is simply ideological. Their representatives talk about what is “the child´s best” – as if they know!!!

During the past 20-30 years, Norway has had tragic court cases on child molestation that sentenced adults to long prison sentences due to the testimonies of children – down to 2-3 years old. Thanks to new information about the CPS usage of leading questions, biased assessments etc, courts have had to reverse several of these court rulings several years later. I take child molestation very seriously, and our church, Restoration Oslochurch, is the only church in Norway that has set high standards against any kind of sexual abuse.

The notion that “the child´s best” can be decided by some busy Barnevernet bureaucrats who send the children to random foster homes where the treatment of children is just as imperfect as in any other home, is simply outrageous! Parents are human beings, and might need encouragement and practical help, but not dismantling of the gift of family!

For the sake of balance, let me underscore that there are cases when a good foster home is a necessary measure, but that should always be the last resort.

Norway is in a shameful state by the way we are dismantling normal families. Thank you, Australian SBS TV, for making such a defining documentary!Skjermbilde 2016-07-26 kl. 14.37.34

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“Pentecostalism: A Guide for the Perplexed”

45641This study of Pentecostalism by Regent University professor Wolfgang Vondey, “Pentecostalism: A Guide for the Perplexed” (T&T Clark 2012),  will be a great resource in the confusion in Norway and some Western nations about what Pentecostalism is really about.

It sheds light on the most persistent contrasts characterizing the Pentecostal movement: the tension between local manifestations and global Pentecostalism, the inconsistency between spiritual discernment and charismatic excess, the gap between rampant denominationalism and the pursuit of Christian unity, the disparity between poverty among many Pentecostals and the popularity of the prosperity gospel, the division between Oneness Pentecostals and their Trinitarian counterparts, and the worldview of Pentecostals beyond the confines of a religious movement. Those tensions form the essence of global Pentecostalism and represent the emergence of a global Christian world.

I read it in Logos digital format.


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Massive Anti-Pentecostalism in the Norwegian Pentecostal Movement

On April 3rd, I brought several European Pentecostal leaders to Filadelfia Church to hear firsthand the preaching of pastor Andreas Hegertun

It is tragic and noteworthy that there is a massive falling away from Pentecostal tenets of faith and charismatic practices in the Norwegian Pentecostal Movement. The movement that was the trigger for modern-day European Pentecostalism from 1906 onwards, under the leadership of T. B. Barratt of Filadelfia Church in Oslo, is sadly involved in a spiritual “suicide mission” that is easily exposed by true believers that base our faith on the Bible.

My son, Anders Torp (28), left the faith in Jesus Chrisbt in 2008, and has since 2009 been a media favourite as the tabloid media have sought after a vehicle to attack a high-profile man of God like me, which I have been since 1992. Following family tragedies in 2001-2007, Anders has been a zealous vessel for the atheist and secular media in Norway. I have abstained from responding to his incessant attacks from when the first attack happened in 2009 in the largest newspaper in Norway, VG, but when he published his book, “Jesussoldaten”, on the largest publishing company in March of this year, I found that the time had come to answer and openly confront the slanderous attacks on pentecostal faith. We have been on the largest tv-shows together, and the matters that are causing the biggest debate are that I denied him access to pornography and free sex before marriage during his teenage years, and that I allowed for evangelistic preaching that would acknowledge the reality of both heaven and hell. However much I love Anders, I find it irresponsible to allow such a smear campaign against vibrant Christian faith, to be uncontested. This is no longer just a painful father-son dispute, but a high profile, anti-charismatic smear campaign, orchestrated by anti-Christian organizations and media.

Simultaneously, Rut Helen Gjævert, a former leader within the Jesus Revolution movement, led by Stephan & Anne Christiansen, has used her position as a tv-journalist in VGTV to make a series of “documentaries” that severely attack Jesus Revolution, and her conclusion is noteworthy: She challenges the claim that Jesus wants to be Lord of her life.

Anders and Rut Helen are being cheered by the “Christianese” newspapers, Vårt Land and Dagen, who are driving their sensationalistic “investigative” journalism to the extremes. They have directed their reports at several instances of pentecostal churches with dissatisfied members. Anders and Rut Helen are being cheered on by the backslidden ex-pentecostal preacher, Levi Fragell, who was chairman and secretary of the Norwegian Humanist Association, and President of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU). Fragell is reknown for his antagonism and activism against Billy Graham, Aril Edvardsen, Emanuel Minos, and against me for the past five years.

The tragedy is that the leaders of the Pentecostal Movement in Norway are buying into the media frenzy.

This week, the former pastor of Filadelfia Church in Oslo, Egil Svartdahl, and the present pastor Andreas Hegertun, have spearheaded a meeting for the Pentecostal Movement to denounce practices of charismatic distinctives, calling them “extremes”, and even the evangelical belief in the reality of heaven and hell, as well as variants of evangelism and discipleship, tongues and prophetic ministry, Egil Svartdahl said this week: “The identity and trademark of the Pentecostal Movement is fire. Fire is life-giving – and destructive. Attractive – and forbidding”. Andreas Hegertun is known for his dialogue with the homosexual church in Oslo, as well as being the man who refused to support the Norwegian-Romanian Bodnariu family when their five children were brutally taken from them by “Barnevernet” (Child Protection Services). By God´s intervention, the judge in the court case sided with the Bodnariu family. What we should have expected from the Pentecostal leadership, had to come instead from the secular judge in a high profile court case.

These tragic developments in Norwegian Pentecostalism are coupled with a deep division in the movement with opposing directions, such as Hillsong, Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Calvinism, Lutheranism. Bethel Redding etc. The developments have been allowed by the Pentecostal leadership in the name of “openness”. and now they are facing several landslides.

Pentecostalism in Norway is in a massive crisis. It seems now to be leaning more to secularism than to the Bible. This seems more like a “suicide mission”.

It is high time for me to warn Pentecostal movements and leaders in Europe and around the world of the seriousness of the situation at hand in the Norwegian Pentecostal Movement, which perhaps soon cannot even be labelled “pentecostal”.
If this anti-faith stance is brought to the nations of Europe, it is the end of Pentecostalism. T.B. Barratt and Swedish pioneer Lewi Pethrus would have “turned in their graves”, but they are thankfully with the Lord.

Now we must fight this battle for our vibrant faith in Europe!

I believe in the future of Pentecostalism and Evangelicalism in Norway. The “suicide mission” is easily exposed by true believers that base our faith on the Bible. Apostolic tenets of faith and practices will bring steadiness and progress. But we must be alert!

I do not believe in attacking brothers and sisters in Christ, especially not within the broad charismatic movement. But the situation in Norway is so grave, and the willingness to communicate directly with Pentecostal defenders of faith is non-existent, while simultaneously, repeatedly and publicly showing an alarming recklessness in attacking true Pentecostals, so I have no choice. Enough is enough!

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When Fathers and Patriarchs are hammered, it proves Respect and Love

Skjermbilde 2016-06-26 kl. 12.32.01Being a father, whether biological, through adoption, or spiritually, is a fascinating mandate.

The dream scenario is of perfect harmony, peace – on a Pacific island on sunny shores.

But in the real world it is quite different.

I get criticized by spiritual sons and daughters, by my kids, and others.

Today is my birthday, and I am receiving an incredible number of thank you´s on many communication platforms. That warms my heart.

But even in days of criticism, unrest, and persecution, I have observed through my 59 years (42 in ministry), that a lot of that criticism and hammering comes with being a father and a patriarch.

Sons and daughters long for acceptance and agreement, sometimes totally on their own terms. That is very good. While matters are being sorted out, they lose hope and perspective, and take it out on somebody they respect and know is able to carry such a burden.

But after a while, things get sorted out. Shalom becomes the permanent condition of heart and mind.

Thank you for the praise and the criticism!

Love & honor from a father 🙂


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