Norwegian Psychologist Einar Salvesen tells the Grim Truth about Barnevernet

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Natasha and Erik’s twins were taken away by Norway’s child protection service as soon as they were born. Now the family are fugitives in Poland, in a case that’s appalled psychologist Einar Salvesen, who writes on SBS Australia´s webpage:

– There is no doubt this case highlights the very worst that can happen with Barnevernet and the limited recourse parents have within the Norwegian court system. But this case has also received widespread media coverage raising greater awareness within Norwegian society.

– It has shown how the system is broken and the many flaws that stem from the psychopathic culture lies within it. My question is, how can we can overhaul this system and create a dialogue so we can act in the best interests of both the child and the family?

Please read his article on SBS Australia here.

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