Norway´s Shameful Dismantling of Families

Skjermbilde 2016-07-26 kl. 14.38.14Australian SBS TV´s probing documentary, “Norway´s Stolen Children?” has just been aired globally on their Dateline program. I have watched it with tears in my eyes and bleeding in my heart.

I have always known about the inherent flaws of the Norwegian Child Protection Services (CPS), “Barnevernet”, because of having to assist several families in my 33 years as a pastor. But since the gruesome atrocities against the Norwegian-Romanian Bodnariu family in November 2015, I have encountered several families that have shown how wide-spread these problems really are.

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Einar Salvesen

The Dateline documentary is extremely well researched and presented, making extensive use of the reknown children´s psychologist, Einar Salvesen, as well as credible legal sources.

Bottom line, the problem with Barnevernet is simply ideological. Their representatives talk about what is “the child´s best” – as if they know!!!

During the past 20-30 years, Norway has had tragic court cases on child molestation that sentenced adults to long prison sentences due to the testimonies of children – down to 2-3 years old. Thanks to new information about the CPS usage of leading questions, biased assessments etc, courts have had to reverse several of these court rulings several years later. I take child molestation very seriously, and our church, Restoration Oslochurch, is the only church in Norway that has set high standards against any kind of sexual abuse.

The notion that “the child´s best” can be decided by some busy Barnevernet bureaucrats who send the children to random foster homes where the treatment of children is just as imperfect as in any other home, is simply outrageous! Parents are human beings, and might need encouragement and practical help, but not dismantling of the gift of family!

For the sake of balance, let me underscore that there are cases when a good foster home is a necessary measure, but that should always be the last resort.

Norway is in a shameful state by the way we are dismantling normal families. Thank you, Australian SBS TV, for making such a defining documentary!Skjermbilde 2016-07-26 kl. 14.37.34

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