Transparency in the Process towards Marriage

Honesty in MarriageI have reflected for several years on the importance of transparency in the process towards marriage, as well as in marriage.

I am blessed in my marriage with Aina. We have been married for 5 years and 4 months, and every day is a blessing. We enjoy our love, trust and integrity. I had nothing to hide before we got married, and neither did she. No surprises. We are simply real with each other.

In our Western free-for-all society, the young ones choose their life-partner themselves, and that is surely something beautiful.

However, the counsel of mom and dad, and even spiritual counsel, can be a life-benefitting matter, even crucial.

How much should lovers know about family and personal background before marriage?

What if the one you marry has a dark background of serious sexual abuse in the family…..?

What if the one you marry has “secret” children…..?

Transparency and accountability are the keys! It is not about condemnation!

About Jan-Aage Torp

Jan-Aage Torp - married to Aina; born in Japan; raised in Thailand; educated in USA; President for European Apostolic Leaders (EAL); Chairman of Christian Coalition World (KKN); Pastors Oslochurch with Aina.
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