David Cartledge´s Message to the Preachers Conference 2004

David CartledgeDavid Cartledge was the keynote speaker at the Norwegian Pentecostal Movement´s Preachers Conference in Filadelfia Oslo in 2003 and 2004.

David Cartledge (1940-2005) was a significant leader within international pentecostal christendom. He had great influence in nations where revival was going on strong. He was widely acknowledged as a leader among leaders. His teaching and research affected pentecostalism worldwide, even through his book “The Apostolic Revolution”.

Personally I knew David from many international meetings, and we talked candidly.

In the first year in Oslo, the enthusiasm was limitless for his apostolic teaching, but in the second year the enthusiasm of the leadership had cooled off….

Apostolic Revolution

David Cartledge´s teaching and research affected Pentecostalism worldwide, even through his book “The Apostolic Revolution” (Paraclete Institute, 2000).

In February 2004 Cartledge had a teaching which he called: “Be free from religious demons!”

Here he presented a picture of reality that mightily challenged Norwegian pentecostal leaders. He actually maintained that churches and movements can become distorted and destroyed by “religious demons”, just like the demons that manifested when Jesus preached in the synagogues. These religious forces create a falsified kingdom that remove people from their God-given destiny. David gave biblical examples, and he even presented accounts from international pentecostalism that highlighted that the situation is very serious even today.

David Cartledge presented his teaching as a prophetic challenge to the Norwegian Pentecostal Movement. He believed in the Norwegian Pentecostal Movement, but he maintained that we were facing important choices….

Obviously, the Lord in His mercy speaks today….

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