When I wrote Church History with a Catholic

Facsimile of Aftenposten on January 17th, 1986

According to Aftenposten´s former church editor, Gisle Hollekim, on Sunday, January 19th, 1986 I wrote church history in Norway: This was the first time that a pentecostal pastor and a catholic father shared the same pulpit. It happened in Centralkirken in Oslo as a part of the ecumenical prayer week for Christian unity. The father´s name was Albert Raulin, and the host pastor was the methodist Øyvind Sanden.

Aftenposten made a big story on Friday, January 17th, and Vårt Land followed suit with a full page the day after.

I was scolded by friends and non-friends alike.

But my boss in Salemkirken where I was the associate pastor, Hans Friberg, was positive.

Now, I had no idea that this would be so controversial.

After all, I was just going to say a prayer.

No doctrinal unification.

I prayed from my heart. If I remember correctly, it was a real charismatic prayer, perhaps with some tongues  :-)

The ensuing years have surely proven to everyone that my interdenominational prayer didn´t mean that I would compromise the great reformational truths.

I just wanted to pray together with the catholic. He and I were both Christians. Period.

I didn´t plan on pilgrimages to the Vatican, nor praying to Mary, nor worshiping saints, nor seeking apostolic succession. I definitely didn´t believe that the papal see is the road to Christian unity.

26 years later I am still a protestant. As Martin Luther. Through and through.

And I am prepared to pay a high and necessary price for that…

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