Receiving a Personal Prophecy

I’ve received hundreds of prophecies during the past 14 years.

Like the apostle Paul, I believe in the redemptive purpose of prophecy, even personal prophecy.

Some refuse to receive personal prophecies, but that opposes Scripture!
The apostle Paul wrote to young Timothy: “Do not neglect the gift that is in you, which was given to you by prophecy with the laying on of the hands of the eldership” (1Tim 4:14). The whole ministry and life of Timothy was affected by this one prophetic word!

How should we receive personal prophecy?

As in the Scripture in 1Timothy 4:14, we must not neglect personal prophecy. Listen to it. Double check that you have heard correctly. If you have it on tape or as a mp3 file, listen to it over and over again. Pray over it. You need to seek Jesus diligently, perhaps even for hours.

When you seek God about the prophecy, God will confirm His ways to you. Maybe you will receive confirmations from others, from dreams, from Scripture reading. Definitely, you will experience the confirmation in your own heart.

As you receive a personal prophecy, there might even be a need to start acting on it. Taking one step at a time, while you are asking God for His manifestations and confirmations.

When I started the church in Oslo, nothing in me wanted to do that. Oslo was the city where I had been rejected by denominational leaders. I detested the spiritual climate of Oslo. When God called me to Oslo, I said: “Please, God – NO!” But God knew that Oslo would become the place of my greatest joy, contentment and fulfilment. And that’s the way it has become. When we rented our first facility in Oslo on March 1st, 2005, immediately joy and passion from God filled my heart. I haven’t regretted that decision at all afterwards!

I would never have discovered this joy, contentment and fulfiilment without taking those steps in faith. I didn’t tell my own people about my fears and misgivings. That was between me and the Lord. I lovingly followed His calling, knowing that my emotions would easily change to comply with His calling and His love for this wonderful city.

My testimony about Oslo reflects a principle which we must not neglect as we receive personal prophecies.

Bishop Bill Hamon prophesied over me that I was not going to do just what I want to do: “Don’t feel condemned because you didn’t feel content with the way others have gone. Don’t feel frustrated because things haven’t worked out the way you thought they should. Because you are in my plan.You are being planned for my purpose. You’re not going to do what you just want to do. You’re doing my will. I’m forming you”. Thank God for this prophetic declaration through Bishop Hamon.

Within the past two years, since July 1st, 2009, I have had a surprising amount of prophecies over my life. Some things that confirmed things that I already knew, and even some that  brought in altogether new information and directions. I have learned to embrace the revelation from God, regardless how contrary it is to the feelings and thoughts that I previously had. And I have found that the greatest breakthroughs come when God works sovereignly, far above what had been my own will.

Let Your will be done, Lord! Not mine, but Yours!

Let’s cooperate with God!

About Jan-Aage Torp

Jan-Aage Torp - married to Aina; born in Japan; raised in Thailand; educated in USA; President for European Apostolic Leaders (EAL); Chairman of Christian Coalition World (KKN); Pastors Oslochurch with Aina.
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